Dangerous Jobs in Australia

Children often dream of a dangerous job as adults, such as fireworks or a hunter expert fugitive. But then as adults they tend to choose a job that even a minimal risk of boring.

John Weigel and Liz Vella still chose the dangerous path. They work at the Australian Reptile Park - a wildlife sanctuary which private property is about one hour from Sydney.

Part of their duties as a specialist snakes and spiders are milking venom from spiders spinning webs as well as more typical of other Australian species. Australia does have a reputation as a 'home' for many and the slithering reptiles that scary in the world.

John Weigel - The Snake Handlers
Although never bitten by a snake, but John Weigel has never been bitten by a poisonous snake 40 thousand which he handled every day. "Did I ever bitten by a snake? Course - a thousand times," said park director John Weigel. "We are building a special breeding area and I got a python bite every day."

John Weigel

"But snakes are not venomous," said Wiegel. "Interestingly, I was the world record holder for 'milking' the amount of venom ever without taxable bite - looks like about 40 thousand snakes."

After moving from the United States to Australia in the 1980s, Weigel bidders could help modernize the program in Australia. He now has a production unit of snake venom antidote to the world's largest. He helped rescue people who are bitten by a brown snake, tiger snake, taipan and death adder (acanthophis).

"It is very rare snake bite victims in Sydney," said Weigel. "Sometimes there are people who get bitten in the region in the western suburbs, but most of the victims were taken from rural areas to hospitals, hospitals in large cities."

"Bidders can we make are used to treat 200 victims of snake bites per year," said Weigel.

"So depending on how you look, it means there are 200 lives are saved because we work every day."

Liz Vella - Curator of Reptile and Spiders
Liz Vella suck the venom of spiders in front of the crowd who took the distances aman.Dalam week, Liz Vella suck the poison out of 300-300 spiders spinning webs typical of Sydney. This is the kind of spider venom in the world's most dangerous.

Liz Vella

The spider looks awful with a shiny black color, hairy and long fangs. They emerge from the holes in the garden at night to breed.

At sunrise, they will be hiding anywhere. If you happen to be in the house, they could hide under a pile of laundry clothes, old newspapers or warm shoes.

"The spider is not aggressive creatures," said Vella. In this animal park, he was nicknamed 'The curator Spiders'. "Most people who are bitten usually inadvertently scare them."

"Just imagine, you thought that was hiding in a cave but suddenly appears ready to step on a giant foot. You would have scared you?" Vella added.

Until the appearance of spider venom antidote to the 1980s, most of the spider bite victim will be killed. But, fortunately, no longer victims of spider bites because Vella and his team are held every day milking venom from the Australian Reptile Park.

"This work has the element of danger," said Vella. "But I've never been bitten and I hope never will."

Australian Reptile Park
To go to the Australian Reptile Park by car, just follow the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway north, exit at Gosford and follow the directions. For bus pick up from hotels Sydney, contact AAT Kings at +61 (0) 2 9700 0133.

Australian Reptile Park

Australian Reptile Park is open from 9 am to 5 pm every day except Christmas. Check their site for schedule of spider venom milking, reptile show and many other events.

Ticket prices: Adults $ 24.5, the group $ 17, children under 15 years $ 12, family ticket for two adults and two children $ 64.

Facilities include Hard Croc Cafe, breakfast and lunch barbecua, gift shop and children's play park.

This park guided tours and seminars that allow the safety of the visitors approached with snakes, spiders and many other uniquely Australian animals.
The Australian Reptile Park, Pacific Highway, Somersby, +61 (0) 2 4340 1022, http://www.reptilepark.com.au/