iPhone - Enlarge the Breast

iAugment free application is intended for women who plan to enlarge the breasts and want to see what form of breast enlargement surgery before finally doing it.

iAugment - Enlarge the Breast

iAugment an application made ​​by a plastic surgeon Elizabeth A Kinsley who became the first physician to use technology to show 3D image of the final results of surgery on women who want to do surgery, before he really believe will perform breast enlargement surgery.

The first step is to photograph the chest and use the cursor to mark the chest. Then, the cursor 17 widened before choosing a virtual investment size ranging from 210-690cc.

"breast enlargement procedure can become very complicated when the woman began to ask 'will like what will my breasts' or 'What size is right for me'," said Kinsley.

Interestingly, men also can use this application for a girlfriend or wife.