The Qur'an and Science: Unveiling of Two Kinds of Water

By: Abdul Basith DR & DR Daliya Sadiq Jamal Jamal

Water is an area that includes approximately 75 percent of Earth's surface area. Where sea water (salt water) has a quantity more than fresh water. But both come from the same source after passing through several processes that are constantly spinning.

The second rotation of the water, starting with the volatility of water contained in the seas and oceans. So that the water initially in the form of liquid Zait turn into each other substances that accumulate in the vapor cloud that subsequently forms into water droplets that fall to earth in the rain that fell in the seas, oceans, rivers and the entire surface of the earth in certain areas where rain are down.

Both types of water is an important element for the survival of objects that exist on the surface of the earth in the process of their lives.

Salt water is the biggest part of the overall water on earth, there in the oceans, seas and lakes. Ocean is in the earth is divided into three: the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Waters is interconnected between one of the sea with one of the ocean. For example the Mediterranean which together with the Atlantic Ocean, Red Sea, which together with the Indian Ocean. As this occurs between one ocean to another sea. Such Adriatika Sea which connects the White Sea (Mediterranean Sea).

And stunning, this combination does not only happen between salt water to salt water, but also between fresh water to salt water. As happened between the River Nile which flows into the Mediterranean. And there are many more rivers in the continental United States that flows into the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic.

The meeting between the two points of salty and fresh waters, has raised many questions for scientists: What is one of the two water could affect the other? What percent purity level of both types of water when the two met at one point? Is it possible to control the meeting point between the two?

To get satisfactory answers to some questions, scientists have a lot of research and observation. As the initial results of research they did, it was concluded that at the second meeting between the two types of water points, there is a limit likely magnitude of a particular area that serves to prevent mixing between the two, so that each maintained its purity.

But along with advances in the field hedrologi and use of electronic and magnetic media, scientists, has been able to ensure that the actual meeting of the two different parts of the two types of water is what has resulted in a 'frontier' of certain functions to prevent the mixing of the two types of water , continuously and not stop.

Some scientists explain that the 'frontier' was due to electrical and magnetic effects are opposite each other so as to create barrier between the middle of the two waters.
If we notice the verse of the Qur'an, then we will find that the Qur'an has been signaled for this phenomenon, in surah Ar-Rahman verse 19 and 20. Allah says: "He let the two seas that they both met. Between them is a barrier that is not exceeded by each."