Found Fish - King of the Sea, Extinct 65 Million Years Ago

umpaan market, South Minahasa, North Sulawesi, shocked discovery that the fish had become extinct about 65 million years ago.

Fish early or so-called King of the Sea (coelacanth), was found by a fisherman named Rafles Tampi on Friday (22/07/2011).

Coelacanth - King of the Sea

Rafles said on Friday at around 5:00 pm, he plans to come home after fishing in the waters Popareng. Suddenly, there was a great swim in the water near the boat.
Rafles was immediately caught the fish. However, he was surprised to see the shape of the fish. His face was strange and has five fin-like tail, rough and scaly.
Fearing, Rafles release the fish into the sea. "Because of a strange shape, I'm off again," said Rafles.

Once removed, the fish were still floating on the surface of the water, not diving. Out of curiosity, he directed his boat approached the fish back, and recapture. A few minutes later the fish was dead.

"After that I bring to the market Tumpaan, residents and other traders who are also new this time to see, instantly excited," he said.

Jefri Lamia, a local resident who knows if the fish is protected Sea King advised not previously deducted, but the informed consent of Fisheries and Marine Affairs (DKP) South Minahasa.

After informed citizens, Head of South Minahasa DKP, Arifin Kiay Demak immediately went to the Fish Market Tumpaan and found if the fish is dead.
He then took him and keep in the refrigerator in the Office of DKP. Having weighed the fish weighed 13.8 kg and 105 cm long.

"It's fish or Sea King Coelacanth, Latimeria manadosiensis Latin language," he said.
Fish Coelacanth found Rafles then be used as research material by DKP and the South Minahasa North Sulawesi. "So we deliberately freeze in frezer so durable for examination," said Arifin.

Brown scaly fish and it will soon be investigated to find out how breeding in North Sulawesi, especially in South Minahasa.
"It turns out there are found in the waters of South Minahasa, namely in the sea Popareng. This will be investigated again who knows there is still a lot," he said.

Coelacanth fish believed to have gone extinct since the late Cretaceous period, ie 65 million years ago, until a specimen was found in eastern South Africa, in river waters Chalumna 1938.

In 1998, a Sea King fish ever caught fishing nets in the waters of the island of Manado Tua, North Sulawesi.

To date, there have been two species of coelacanth found the Comoros coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae) and Sulawesi coelacanth (Latimeria Menadoensis).