Prayer Can Treat Strokes

Lecturer of the Faculty of Nursing and Community Padjadjaran University (Padjadjaran University) Bandung, Setiawan, introduced the treatment of stroke by means of complementary therapies prayers.

"Alhamdullilah cure the patient using the methods of treatment and healing prayers reach 90 to 97 percent," he explained in a seminar at the College of Health Sciences (Stikes), Bengkulu, recently.

According to him, the world of health and treatment of many of today combines the medical and spiritual approaches, with some research done by scientists there is a correlation between prayer of Tahajjud on the immune system.

"The foreign scientists believe spiritual approach significantly influenced. Movement prayer can influence the performance of blood to the brain and this is very useful for health, especially in improving immunity to diseases," he added.

In Science, wake up at night ablution and prayer will trigger the positive energy of several important molecules in water and the body.

"Prayer solemn notes because that's a direct relationship with the creator, lead concentrations of the brain," he explained.

In addition to prayer, he also introduced several methods of treatment that has been done experimentally in UNPAD educational institutions.

He said there are 10 methods of treatment which he did them, anatomy physiology, flower aroma therapy, massage, acupuncture, therapeutic environment, water treatment systems, full-blooded, hypnosis and bio energy.

Until now he has opened several treatment areas of complementary therapy research at the institution which he did not just stroke UNPAD even includes 120 kinds of other diseases.

"Science is a unique, blend of intellectual and spiritual importance and rarely get students," said Lidya one of the students participating in the seminar.