Thanks to Justin, Vanity Fair did not Sell

It looks like Vanity Fair 'one step' when choosing Justin as the cover model for the February issue. The problem, though perhaps Bieber super popular, but was not able to boost sales of this magazine.

This teenage singer could probably rake in 10 million followers on Twitter, but it seems this is not true in terms of magazine sales. Not only was unable to increase sales, the February issue of the magazine is noted as most did not sell magazines over the last 12 years.

Reportedly, many readers of Vanity Fair that Bieber did not think this will be a magazine cover, and ultimately can only be sold over 246,000 copies. This record-breaking sales figures worst since Will Smith was the cover model in 1999 ago.

And 'fate' Bieber seems no different when he became the cover of teen magazines. Baby 'singer was once filled the front cover of Teen Vogue magazine October 2010 issue, and only sold 121,054 copies, down 12 percent from the average sales of the magazine in the other months in the same year.