Babies Should Not Sleep With Smokers

We recommend that parents who smoke do not sleep in the same room with their babies. Therefore, the nicotine levels of cigarettes attached to the skin or clothing can be dangerous to the health of the baby.

Smoke vs Baby

Researchers conducted a study in Catalonia, Spain. The study highlights the effects of tobacco smoke in infants and is associated with a private room. They also interviewed the parents of 1123 infants under 18 months of age.

After analysis, hair samples in 252 infants contain nicotine. The baby was sleeping with parents who smoke in one room. Levels are even three times higher than babies who sleep apart from smoking parents.

"Being a second-hand smoke is a major cause of child mortality in developed countries," said Guadalupe Ortega, principal investigator, recently. Ortega also added ventilation bedroom is not necessarily effective in reducing levels of toxins in secondhand smoke exposure.