Quick Search Partner! Can Tackles Four Health Problems

Based on research results, have a spouse has many benefits, especially for health.
Here are some health problems that can be resisted from a romantic relationship:

1. Mental Health. Research from the University of Florida students in 2010 to 1621 found that overall the people who undergo a mental health commitment have less than singles. Single men and women tend to have depression, anxiety, mood disorders, adjustment problems, suicide and psychological pressure is higher.

2. Pain. The phrase "love hurts" is not always true. It's when love dies, the pain more so. In a study says there is a relationship between pain, feelings of romantic love and the activation system in the brain. To love and be loved can distract a person from the pain and this sends signals to the brain and decreased activity in the area of ​​pain.

3. Short Lifespan. Studies in the United States in 2000 showed that adults who are not married have a great chance to experience early death. Those who are married have a more supportive social networks. Children also stimulate the family to continue living, despite being divorced.

4. Sad. Some couples who are madly in love seems to know how to have fun to get happiness. Studies show that when we see the faces of people who truly loved one, there are certain areas in the brain that move and cause euphoria.

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