Do Not Underestimate The Child's Bedwetting Habits

Do not underestimate the child's bedwetting habits. Incontinence but a lot of drinking can be an early symptom of diabetes mellitus in children.

Child Bedwetting

Bedwetting is not just a lazy child factors urinate before going to sleep or fatigue after a day of activities. Bedwetting is also considered a marker of diabetes in children, namely diabetes mellitus (DM) type 1.

Chairman of the Pacific Association of Children's Endocrinology Expert Dr. Aman Bhakti Pulungan, SpA said that children who frequently drink but also frequently wet the bed are the early symptoms of type 1 DM.

In addition, easily hungry and tired is another symptom. Children with type 1 diabetes eat lots of food, but not accompanied by increased body weight.

On the contrary, the weight will continue to decline gradually for no apparent reason, although food intake exceeds the size of the average daily consumption.

Children with type 1 diabetes who experience complications may have symptoms similar to appendicitis such as stomach pain, vomiting, decreased consciousness or coma, and so forth.

"People are encouraged to be alert, especially for parents whose children show symptoms like the above, plus shortness of breath, breath smelling boy acid / acetone, a fungal infection of the skin, blurred vision, vomiting or abdominal pain," he explained.

If such symptoms are found, it is advisable to seek immediate medical experts and blood sugar checks. If it's too late can cause death.

"Beware the symptoms of type 1 DM who did not appear suddenly, as soon as possible treatments can reduce the risk of disability and death," he added