Angelina Jolie's Son Like Eating Insects

Angelina Jolie looks like this time 'hit rock' facing children. Because the mean heart wanted to teach his children to other cultures, it is now forced to prohibit their Jolie get a 'culture' is at home.

Culture is no other insect eating habits, such as those living in Cambodia. During a visit some time ago to this country with her children, the actress intends to introduce the local culture, including eating fried insects.

Not unexpectedly, the sons Jolie insects actually liked this dish, even to take him home. Not only that, they were totally disgusted and eat like a snack.

"My son likes to eat crickets. It's their favorite food. When first I gave to them, I wish they were not disgusted by what's not in their culture. So I bought it and they just eat them like eating Doritos (snack food brands)," I Jolie on the sidelines shooting video for the campaign along with Louis Vuitton Core Values​​.

"And they do not want to stop and bring home some boxes. Until finally I had to forbid them to eat crickets because I was afraid they were sick because of eating too much cricket. But they're great!" he concluded. Maddox, Jolie's oldest son, came from Cambodia.