Amy Winehouse Distinctive Style Will Always be Remembered.

Although fans will miss his music is awesome, Amy Winehouse is also a beautiful woman and a fashion icon. Indeed, his style is sometimes excessive and a bit crazy, but the choice of hair, makeup and clothes together with a unique voice.

To the memory of Amy Winehouse, who died Saturday in London at the age of 27 years, these are some particular style which inspired many designers, stylists, and fellow musicians.

Beehive hair styles: One characteristic of the singer who grew along with the famous himself. Sometimes decorated with flowers and headbands. Her hair had become a trend in 2007. Karl Langerfield even dress the models at the Chanel fashion show with a big bun (and eyeliner thick).

Extreme eyeliner: Amy often use winged eyeliner styles in a unique way, with the cat eye makeup that reaches to below the eyebrows. Style to complement the 60's beehive hair and fashion model retronya.

Ballet shoe model: When most stars use super high stilleto and the right platform, Amy often performed using flat ballet shoes. He is also a big fan of Fred Perry and in 2010 collaborated with the brand to a collection.

Tattoos: In the moment of his career, Amy get 13 tattoos on his body. This includes the angel tattoo, the anchor and the name of her ex-husband, Blake Fielder Civil, on his chest.