Van Damme Deaf

Being an actor is very risky game. This is what happened to Jean Claude Van Damme is deaf side after undergoing various explosion scenes in films that starred.

Van Damme

The actor's personal physician also been advised to wear ear protectors when filming action movies, Van Damme after being diagnosed with hearing loss for high frequency sound. Van Damme himself has been seeking help on a variety of experts to address the problems he suffered partial deafness.

"I fired many guns in my movie, but I could hear the voices of the ordinary. For example, if you shift the fax paper in the living room, I'll be able to hear it,"said the actor.

Van Damme has to undergo several tests to ensure their hearing problems and are advised to use the protector for the problem is not getting worse. "There are differences in the ability to hear the sound frequency between the two ears. Which means if there is a lot of people talking in one room, he would not be able to determine who is speaking. He heard it, but I can not separate them. All I can do is make it not getting worse, by using protectors when shooting movies, "said the doctor Van Damme.