Harry Potter is Also Drunk

Who would have thought that a young actor named Daniel Radcliffe this was already familiar with alcohol since he was 18 years old. Long enough Harry Potter actor also is addicted to alcohol. Instead he honestly say that in August last year he could break away from alcohol. Burden of celebrities turned out to be a negative impact on the life of this young actor.

HARRY POTTER AND THE Philosopher's Stone is not the first film Daniel. Previously he had become actors in the film The Tailor of Panama can not be denied though that his role as Harry Potter was the one who makes it known to the world. "I started to depend on alcohol just to feel enjoy," said Daniel Radcliffe, as quoted by Contact Music (07/04/2011).

After years of having to depend on alcohol Daniel Radcliffe finally managed to escape. Almost a year has cast the characters in the film DECEMBER BOYS Maps is to avoid alcohol. "I'm happy because in fact I can forge a relationship with my girlfriend," said Daniel, who has just finished shooting the film was THE WOMAN IN BLACK.