Princess Diana was a "Anorexia, Bulimia Narsis"

Ann Coulter is not a fan of Newsweek magazine cover featuring the late Princess Diana's face if he lives until today. This is to invite controversy.

"I'm feeling a bit redundant when the American was too awed by the Princess," said Ann told The Insider when asked about the magazine's cover, depicting the face of Diana at the age of 50 years. "Especially about Lady Di, who is a person with anorexia, bulimia (eating disorders), and narcissistic (too fond of myself)."

Controversial commentator who is promoting his book "Demonic: How The Liberal Mob Is Endangering America" ​​had previously been expressed less joy to Diana. In April, he called Diana "stupid woman naughty" on The O'Reilly Factor.

However, Ann turned out to have a more friendly feeling for the members of the new kingdom.

"I think (cover it) is an insult to, what's his name? Kate Middleton," said Ann. "Kate has a head and shoulders are more classy than Lady Di."