Aaron Carter: Jacko Gave Me Cocaine When I was 15

Aaron Carter recently gave a startling confession about the late Michael Jackson. Not only that they had friends close, but Aaron also claimed that Jackson was the one who introduced him to drugs.

The former teen singer who is now 23-year-old admitted that he had been friendly and admired figure of the King of Pop. But not only that, the brother of Nick Carter also stated that Michael was the one who gave him alcohol and cocaine when he was 15 years old.

"I never talk about this. This is the first time. Indeed, I miss Michael. I had to spend some fun time with him. I did one thing that has never done anyone else, but I'm also troubled by what she did to me," I'm Aaron.

When asked if Michael gave minuan alcoholic, Aaron replied, "Yes, he gave me wine. I mean, I should be able to resist, but I'm still 15 years old."

"He gave me cocaine. I feel weird and all, but we talked afterwards, for hours on the phone. I adore him, but his behavior really bothers me. Then my mother called the police ..." he recalls.