The Way the CIA to Interrogate Detainees

The U.S. Justice Department held a full criminal investigation into the deaths of two prisoners the CIA (the U.S. Intelligence Agency), including one prisoner who died in Iraq's infamous prison, Abu Ghraib. This decision was announced by Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., on Thursday (30 / 6).

This investigation identified the law will pose danger to the continued operations of the CIA, but at the same time closing the book models interrogation that threaten the crowd.

Some time ago, a federal prosecutor revealed 101 cases related to the methods of the CIA when interrogating terrorist suspects within a year after the attacks of 11 September 2001, but found only two cases which are criminal offenses.

The number of terrorist suspects who experienced harsh interrogation techniques sparked a national debate, in which some people call the technique is valid and necessary. But others asked the government to give strict punishment against perpetrators of torture.

The Justice Department did not explicitly mention the case which will be investigated. But U.S. officials say the case in question is the death of a citizen of Afghanistan, Gul Rahman, in 2002 in the Salt Pit prison, Afghanistan. And the death of Iraqi citizen named Manadel al-Jamadi as CIA interrogation at Abu Ghraib prison in 2003.

In the case of the Salt Pit, a CIA officer allegedly ordered security forces on the Afghan-November 2002-to expose Gul Rahman and chained to the concrete contained in his cell. Overnight, the temperature dropped drastically, and Rahman was killed freezes. Hypothermia, thus recorded as the cause of death Rahman. And he was buried without a headstone in the middle of nowhere.

While Jamadi, the Iraqi people, was arrested on 4 November 2003 by a team of Navy SEALs hunters terrorist cell. Jamadi allegedly responsible for bomb attacks in Baghdad. After beginning the process of interrogation, he was transferred to CIA custody and taken to Abu Ghraib. His head was covered with cloth, and then shackled to window bars in the bathroom to death.

Jamadi corpse preserved in a block of ice for an autopsy. U.S. soldiers then posed beside the frozen corpse. Some of them even a thumbs-up sign of pride. The U.S. military is despicable behavior provoked outrage when an international media published the photos.