Israel Bans Repercussion Athan

Zonis Israeli regime's officials last June, has 52 times banning of prayer in the Ibrahimi mosque Haram al-Khalil city, in the West Bank.

IRNA (4 / 7) quoted the report of al-Yaum al-Sabi 'states, according to the head of the Waqf al-Khalil, Zaid al-Ja'fari, Israeli officials prohibit prayer on the grounds of Haram Ibrahimi sound azan Zionist settlements unsettle residents .

Al-Ja'fari condemned the Zionist regime, and regarded it as a violation of the sky and the origin of religion freedom of worship is recognized in international terms.

West Bank officials insisted that the Israeli Zionist regime officials deliberately banning prayer with the aim to master all parts of the Haram Ibrahimi.

Stressed that all issues relating to the Haram Ibrahimi is the domestic affairs of Palestine and the Zionist regime of Israel have no right to intervene in this matter.