Obama Reportedly Killed

Some hackers break through the official accounts on Twitter Fox News on Monday (4 / 7) morning, and sent a series of tweets that claimed U.S. President Barack Obama has been assassinated. Twitter account for news politics Fox News - @ FoxNewspolitics - send a series of "tweet false and malicious", starting at around 02:00 local time, Fox News confirmed in a statement quoted by AFP.

Posting is not also removed some hours later. "@ BarakObama just died. The President was killed. On July 4 a sad, of course," the first article about the tweets related to Obama.

Moments before posting false starts circulating, some hackers apparently announced they controlled the account, by post, "Just grab the full access to our electronic mail and Twitter. Happy July 4th."

Changes "ditweet-re" by thousands of micro-blog pages and sparked headlines around the world declared Obama "has been shot twice at a restaurant in Iowa Ross" during the campaign he faced.

The U.S. leader was actually in Washington, not Iowa, and plans to celebrate the July 4th holiday with his family and military families on Monday night local time.

"President @ BarakObama killed, two gunshot wounds has proved too much. On July 4 the # sad ​​for america. # Obamadead RIP," he continued tweet.

Fox News said hacking is being investigated, and the television channel was "regrettable sadness that may have been caused by these false tweet".